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FAQ - What are the steps to download streaming video and audio

The key is to find the downloaded streaming file URLs(Links). Early, we have a software named "URL Helper" to complete this. Now, we have integrated the feature in HiDownload Platinum, and the build-in sniffer of HiDownload Platinum work fine to capture the streaming media URLs.


1.Download and install HiDownload Platinum

2.Run HiDownload Platinum

3.Click the <Yes> button when the "Start Sniffer" window is shown

4.the build-in sniffer detected automatically the available network card, and start to monitor the streaming data.

5.Open the websites which you want to download streaming video and audio, play the video or audio.

6.When the web player start to play, you can find the URLs(Links) in sniffer list.

7.Normally, HiDownload Platinum will download automatically the found streaming media URLs. If the downloads do not start, you can select the items in sniffer list and download manually them.


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