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What are the steps to download stream video

  1. First, get stream's Link
  2. Then, download the urls(links).


What formats can I download by HiDownload
HiDownload can download the following stream formats:

  • All FLV format Flash Video (RTMP and HTTP)
  • Windows Media™
  • Real Audio™ and Real Video™
  • Streaming MP3 (Shoutcast™)
  • QuickTime™ (HTTP,RTSP)
  • Mpeg, AVI, MP4

What formats can I record by FlvRecorder
Flv Recorder can record the stream formats:

  • All FLV format Flash Video (RTMP and HTTP)
  • Streaming MP3 (Shoutcast™)
  • MP4 (RTMP and HTTP)

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