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What is a .RAM or RealMedia Metafile?

You will need to create a .RAM or RealMedia Metafile to place in your web directory to create a link to the media file on your RealMedia Server or RealServer from your web site.

Metafiles contain the address/es (URL) of RealAudio (.ra) or RealMedia (.rm) files on the RealMedia Server. These addresses are in the form of URLs. They begin with a locator type, followed by a specific address.

The locator type identifies the protocol used to exchange information between client and server. Common locator types include http and ftp.

The locator types used by in the Metafile are pnm(Progressive Networks Metafile) and rtsp(Real Time Streaming Protocol). Addresses you put into a Metafile begin with pnm:// or rtsp:// depending on what program was used to create the real media file.

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