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Advanced Stream Redirector(ASX)

The Advanced Stream Redirector (ASX) format is a type of XML metafile designed to store a list of Windows Media files to play during a multimedia presentation.

It is used frequently on streaming video servers where multiple ASF files are to be played in succession. Both RTSP and MMS streaming protocols are supported, as well as HTTP.

ASX files have MIME type video/x-ms-asf (as do ASF files).


<asx version="3.0">
<title>Example.com Live Stream</title>

<title>Short Announcement to Play Before Main Stream</title>
<ref href="http://example.com/announcement.wma"/>
<param name="aParameterName" value="aParameterValue"/>

<title>Main Stream</title>
<ref href="http://example.com/live.wma"/>
<copyright>©2005 Example.com</copyright>

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