Streaming Checker

HiDownload 7.01, we added the unique and useful "Streaming Checker" feature.

"Streaming Checker" help you check the RealMedia streaming media URL(Time Length, Size) information, then you can select the clip range to download.

How to start:

1. Download and install HiDownload 7.01(or higher version).

2.Run HiDownload, and select "Tools -> Streaming Checker" menu, open the "Streaming Checker" Window.

3.Input the streaming media URL to "URL" editbox, then clicked "Check" button.

4."Streaming Checker" start to connect server.

5.If "Streaming Checker" get the URL's information, you will find the "Time Length", "Size", "Live" in the information area.

Select the clip of range

1.You can input the "From" and "To" time, then clicked "Add" button and add to list.

2.or you can change "File count" value, and download the streaming media to multi-files.

Download the clip of range

After you selected the clip range, then clicked "Add the selected range to download" button. HiDownload will start to download clip segment, and save your time and money.




What streaming video & audio website do you want to download?

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