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HiDownload Platinum
Life-Time License($49.95)
Two Years License($34.95)
One Year License($21.95)
Flv Recorder Life-Time License($35)
Two Years License($22.95)
One Year License($15.95)

URL Helper

Life-Time License($25.00)
Streamingstar Converter Life-Time License($14.99)

User Reviews:

CableguyTK: Streaming Windows Media has met its match
Its a great download manager which downloads streaming media better than every other download manager.
It downloads the following protocols to my knowledge: mms://, .asx, .asf, streaming WMV. That is all I have fed it as far as streaming content goes.
It also downloads normal content that isnt streaming.

Quickcommenter:Terrific for saving streaming media!
If you're looking for a way to save those RealMedia or Windows MediaPlayer streams (audio or video), look no further. This product does the job superbly!

Pantee Farhangi : URL Helper is really a great helper!
This is really a great tool indeed. Why? I tell you. I had visited a page the other day which included a streaming video (WMV) of my favorite. I usually download them for 1. I like to have and watch them offline and 2. it takes me ages to watch them over a dial-up service .Anyway, sometimes, there are direct links to their related MMS locations so you can simply download them. Some times there’s an ordinary HTML link instead but still there’s no need to panic for it’s possible to find it using a web editor such as MS FrontPage. But your nightmare is when it’s encoded in JavaScript and your most precious URL is hidden behind it (and it was exactly the case with me during the last past days). Although I’m not a professional, I did and tried all I could think of to reveal that URL from opening them in web editors to using the js editors but without any success. I was really going to give it up when I came across this great program, “URL Helper”. Believe me, it’s a must for you to have it as it suddenly brightened my gloomy day! As was directed I ran it while playing the streaming video and waited. Gosh I couldn’t believe my eyes, different MMS and RTSP locations (of that file) were listing there. I ran HiDownload and it began to download my fave clip. Unbelievable! I guess it is the only program capable of revealing the media url's hidden behind the JS codes. URL Helper is really a great helper indeed ^_^



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