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Version 7.14(Mar 5, 2008)

* Fixed a critical bug about downloading window stream media

Version 7.13(Feb 23, 2008)

* Reconnect to the live stream if it drops
* Update the bug for renaming shoutcast's local file
* Fixed a bug for downloading RealMedia streaming
* Fixed Flv Robot

Version 7.12(Jan 25, 2008)

* update for downloading flv video
* update a bug of podcast
* update a bug for downloading mp3 streaming through Window Media HTTP protocol

Version 7.11(Jan 12, 2008)

* fixed a bug for downloading shoutcast mp3 audio streaming

Version 7.1(Jan 11, 2008)

* fixed a serious error which run HiDownload in non-english window OS
* fixed a bug of podcast scheduler

Version 7.09(Jan 5, 2008)

* Add Search feature, easy to search the flv video from Internet
* update the rule for downloading flv video from
* update the bug of podcast scheduler

Version 7.08(Dec 25, 2007)

* Add the rename rule when downloading podcast
* Update the bug which rename local file

Version 7.07(Dec 20, 2007)

* Change HiDownload's interface layout
* Add "Flv Robot" feature,easy to search and download flv video files
* fixed a bug for downloading window media streaming through rtsp protocol
* fixed some bugs in Vista
* improve on downloading BBC Radio Audio Streaming

Version 7.06 (Oct 25, 2007)

* fixed some bugs for analyzing meta files

Version 7.05 (Oct 22, 2007)

* fixed a bug of podcast downloader

Version 7.04 (Oct 18, 2007)

* fixed a bug which get mms:// from ASX script file.

Version 7.03 (Oct 15, 2007)

* fixed a rename bug when url redirect
* some bugs fixed

Version 7.02 (Aug 2, 2007)

*Fixed a bug about recording streaming.

Version 7.01 (July 31, 2007)

*Add Streaming Checker, help you check the streaming media URL's information, and download clip of range
*Update language file
*Includes all latest bug fixes

Version 7.0 beta 2 (July 21, 2007)

*Add Flv Filter, easy to get the flv files download URLs
*fixed a bug for downloading non-resume file.

Version 7.0 beta 1 (July 6, 2007)

*fixed some bugs for recording real video streaming
*fixed rename bug

Version 6.99(June 5, 2007)

*Support Multilanguages
*Some bugs fixed

Version 6.99 beta 3(May 5, 2007)

*Add Flv Downloader and "Flash Video Streaming" streams option.

Version 6.98(May 11, 2007)

*Add "Podcast Downloader"
*fixed some bugs

Version 6.96(Jan 11, 2007)

*HiDownload have added the shoutcast ripper feature, please read.

Version 6.95

* Split songs for Shoutcast/IceCast compatible mp3 streams

Version 6.94

* Add"MP3 Streaming" Stream Mode,it is better to record "Shoutcast,IceCast" MP3 Live Broadcast
* fixed a bug about Real media streaming resume download
* fixed a bug about Live Broadcast Manager repeating schedule

Version 6.93

* fixed a Real media streaming response problem.

Version 6.92

* fixed a windows media http live streaming bug.

Version 6.91

* fixed a windows media http streaming bug.

Version 6.9

* includes all latest bug fixes

Version 6.9 Beta 5

* Fixed a bug which record Windows Media Streaming(P2P TV Ants)
* Fixed a HTTP download bug.
* Fixed a bug which http:// redirect to ftp:// download

Version 6.9 Beta 4

* Remove the ad clip for MMS, save the following media streaming data

Version 6.9 Beta 3

* Upgrade to preview ZIP files for HTTP protocol
* Support downloading part files within ZIP files
* Modify some bugs of recording video from some sites(
* Modify the interface icon
* Count the task number in each category automatically
* Add a traffic charts on the main window
* Add Site Manager
* Adjust some details

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