How to use Live Broadcast Manager to download by schedule?
What streaming video & audio website do you want to download?

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1. Click the"live broadcast manager" and you can see two groups:"favorite broadcast managers" and "live broadcast",shown in figure1:
2. Choose "Live Broadcast" and click "Add" button to get the window below(shown in figure 2).Fill in the URL for download;
3.On the same window, choose the tap "Schedule".Figure3 shows the time setting frame;
Start: set the time to start download;
End: set the time to end the process for download;
:this button can reset time to current watch;
: this buttom can set the day for download;
4.Don't forget to mark "Record Once On" before"OK";
5.Here we get a badge to show the activity we have set up;
6.When time's up, Hidownload will act automatically and the download list will display a new process just like below;
7.Of course when time's out, Hidownload will stop itself.That's the whole steps for time download:)
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