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Connection Timeout:Not connected within the connection time is considered as a failure connection
Data Timeout: Not receiving any data from the server within the Data time is considered as a receiving failure, HiDownload won't transfer any more data
Wait to retry: if interrupted, redo after 10s
Maximun simultaneous tasks: For most situation if can't reseived any file data over times will means not be able to received file forever.
Number of retried: You may set the number of times that HiDownload will try to reconnect to a server. Set this option so that HiDownload will give up and not attempt to reconnect forever.
User Agent: Some Web Site only allows certain browser(s) to download from their site. By using this option, you're telling HiDownload to imitate IE
User Define: If you select User define in User agent, you must enter a definition here
Monitor File Type: show the type of files that can be download by Hidownload
Proxy Server
The "Road Map" of the Internet is very complex. Your packets can reach their destination in many different ways, and some routes are much faster than the others. You cannot specify the route for your packets directly, but you can control it by using different proxies. There are proxies at the end points of many satellite links and at other key nodes of the network.
You don't need to change anything if the data is coming at the speed of your modem, but with very distant and slow servers switching to another proxy may dramatically improve performance.
Proxy Server: Check this option to ignore the proxy settings in any pending download jobs and tell HiDownload to just use the default settings. This option is aimed at helping portable computer users.
Stream Media
Stream media will be downloaded by these protocols in cirles.Click"up" or "down" to change the order of protocols.
Program Location
Optional Virus Scanner: Automatically scane the recorded file by the KILL software in PC
Location: Set the location where the KILL software is
File types: the kind of files that would be scanned
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