Hidownload menu bar
What streaming video & audio website do you want to download?

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Menu bar:Menu bar contains basic commands for download.
Add a URL to download-add an new  download
Add Batch URLs - add batch download
Clear All Data - clear all the download data, involving the process on the way and atelic files in the PC
Exit - exit the Hidownload.If jobs are running, a prompt will pop up and let you know if you still want to exit.

Show Category - show the category tree beneath the tool bar
Show drop target - show the icon on the desktop, which can display the rate of process for download
Message window - Select if you should be informed when certain process has been finished
Find - find some url among the queue

Help - open the help file
Go to Website- visit company website
About - summary about Hidownload
Check newest version - check whether your version should be updated
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