How to use "live broadcast manager"?
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Hidownload has a powerful capability for users to manage the URLs, which is concentrated into "Live Broadcast Manager".Seen from the interface we can be informed that it's made up of "Live Broadcast" and "Favorite Broadcast":
Live Broadcast:Various URLs can be classified here by category, which directly shows the relationship between almost hundred of URLs.
Favorite Broadcast: Be fun of some websites and demand to record the address all the time? Please save them here.
Take something for example shown below:

1.Right-click the "live broadcast" and choose "Add live group" to build a new class group;
2.Complete the group name(it isn't necessary to write memo);
3.Here we set up three groups:music,video and software.
4.If we plan to download an application software,click the group"Software" and add the URL.
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