Hidownload feature
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Speed. The ability to split files into up to many parts, with each part downloading simultaneously. HiDownload just might be the fastest download software around!
Schedule to download files whenever you feel! Whether it's while you snooze or during off-peak periods, certain times each weekday, weekend or whatever. The choice is yours!
Superior ease-of-use. HiDownload's interface is logical, integrated, informative and customizable.
Support for proxy servers for maximum downloading flexibility.
Check for HiDownload updates from Streamingstar.

Hidownload can record:

Windows Media streams (.ASF, .ASX, .WMA, .WMV, ...) through HTTP, RTSP and MMS
Real Media streams (.RM, .RMVB, .RA, .RAM, .SMIL, .SMI) through HTTP, RTSP
QuickTime streams through HTTP
ShoutCast streams (.MP3, .NSV) through HTTP
Record Apple Quicktime Streaming Media
Record the streaming media which were time-limited
Record P2P TV Streaming
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