Add an URL for download
What streaming video & audio website do you want to download?

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Plan 1: Start Hidownload and choose "Add" from file menu. Input the URL and click "Advance" shown below;
Click the button next to "Save to" to change the location for saving files. Otherwise, can resume the default.

If the website requires login to download, please set the parameters as below. Hidownload can download not only the files with the extension *.asx, *.ram, *.smil, *.pls but also the internal stream media. So please cancel the option with the underline if not essential.
Plan 2: Over the website that offer the link for download should there be an instant links for users.When move the cursor there you can see the remarkable mark. Right-click and choose "download by hidownload";
Plan 3: When start Hidownload and minimize the window, there will be a dapper mark on the desktop,just like . Left-click the instant link and pull it into this foursquare tag.
When download windows media file and real media file, please choose the right type of files, shown below."General File Download" is defaulted but the choice of windows or realmedia stream will be the best.
Download windows stream media
Download real stream media
Download quicktime stream media
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