TvKoo is one of video products which integrates P2P technology, provides uniform content management and forms integrated online media streaming system.

Provide low-cost, controllable, stable and extensible network media streaming solution plans
TvKoo now are struggling to develop and try to implement integrated media streaming solution based on P2P technology. The main character of the system is its low-cost and high controllability. Content providers can provide media streaming to most of the online users with only few server equipments and band resourses. The main concern of the solution is the controllability of the program sources, the management of the program content, the authentication of the user and information collection.

Build long-lasting cooperate relation with content provider
Considering the limited band condition in China, TvKoo creates a brand-new way that different CPs can provide users with different programs and increase user numbers. This kind of new video program will certainly bring new video experience to customers. So, TvKoo now tries to build cooperate relation with large content providers and seek market opportunity to provide users with better video services.

Build long-lasting cooperate relation with network provider
TvKoo has already built long-lasting cooperate relation with many famous companies home and aboard. The coorporation will provide the customers with NGN video services and offer a brand-new media experiences in order to maximize the net value for every network providers.

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