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StreamerOne goes into the audio video broadcast field. In other words, everyone will be able to make his/her own TV.

What is StreamerOne
StreamerOne is a web broadcasting system able to distribute high quality audio/video streaming to a theoretically unlimited number of contemporary users.

Till yesterday the broadcasting on internet of live or TV events that would involve thousands of users at the same time was pure fantasy. As a matter of fact, video distribution through conventional (unicast) streaming on internet is deeply influenced by technical parameters referable as:
Provider’s capability to digitally connect to internet backbone
Processing capability of the streaming server(s)

This implies unicast service supply costs are directly proportional to the number of users to reach and to the quality (number of pixels per frame, number of frames per second) of the video to distribute.

StreamerOne is the first P2P streaming system to use a completely Italian technology making available its international experiences, know-how and infrastructures in order to meet professionals’, companies’ and organizations’ requirements.

Unrestricted number of user and superior image quality are the main features of StreamerOne, made achievable by the use of Peer to Peer technology applied to video flow distribution.

In practice the stream source starts fragmenting and supplying the flow to a limited number of users, who in turn re-distribute it to other ones who get connected through a mechanism of cascade sharing. Sophisticated algorithms manage users connection and disconnection to the streaming, while data exchange between source and peerer is secured by the use of public and private key.

Original flow quality is unimportant.
However, it is worth considering the kind of internet connection the target users may have. For instance, for ADSL connections with an upload nominal speed of 512 kbps a flow of 280kbps is preferable, corresponding in terms of video quality to VHS with FM audio.

In order to display the streaming, user needs installing a player made for the purpose of activating P2P both with Windows Media Video(WMV) and Real Player (RP) flows. The player is offered as free-ware.

Once the player is active, user has to wait a few seconds to access the system and to start receiving the video signal without any interruption. The main feature of this P2P utilization mode compared to file sharing systems, often blamed for copyright violation, consists in the public acquaintance of the video flow source which is unique, known and identifiable beyond any doubt.

Services connected to the use of StreamerOne are addressed to those operators who intend sharing out through internet, in a continuative or simply occasional way, high quality video contents to an unrestricted number of users:

* Access to the channel from the complete list of broadcasting station residing in the platform
* Access to the channel from a custom web page
* Access to the channel through username and password
* Detailed statistics regarding the access to the channel
* Multibitrate trasmission

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