How to capture/record/save PPLive video and audio

1. After running, PPlive/PPStream will start windows media player

If PPStream do not open Windows Media Player, please click the mouse right-button on the PPstream Main windows, then select the "Play in default player" menu.

2. Right click the playing list on the windows media player and choose "Properties" on the pull-down menu (shown in figure 1), then you will see the window (shown in figure 2):

figure 1


If you can not see a playlist in Windows media player, please click "View>Now Playing Options>Show Playlist" menu.

3. There you can find the URL address, such as"";

4. Copy this link address;

5. Run ppRecorder(P2P TV Recorder) from program group and click the button with "Add P2p TV" to get the window below (shown in figure 3);

6. Paste this address"" to the URL blank and choose "Record Immediately" before clicking "OK";

7. Then PPRcorder(P2P TV Recorder) will begin recording the channel playing on PPLive/PPStream.

8. If you want to stop recording, please select the recording item in the list, then click "Stop" button.



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