Download FLV Final Solutions

StreamingStar developer offer the final solutions to download flv videos from all video websites.

Increasing Flv websites and videos in Internet. Lots of websites maybe hide the flv address, or maybe use RTMP protocol to transfer data, so it is very difficult to download all websites flv videos with single tool.

Now, StreamingStar developer offer the "StreamingStar Download FLV Suite" to help you.

  • Capture all FLV streaming video & audio
  • Support HTTP/RTMP Protocol
  • Analyse data automatically and get the actual flv address
  • Multi-threads download the Flv files
  • Build-in FLV Player, you can play the local and online flv videos.

"StreamingStar Download FLV Suite" give you all tools you'll ever need for recording FLV video and audio. You save BIG when you order as a bundle(of course, you have the full features of the products, and not only download flv feature).


You can also purchase products in the "StreamingStar Download FLV Suite" individually, Read about our solutions below.

  • HiDownload

Drag the links to window and download rapidly.

  • FLV Recorder

Watch network data streams, and detect flv data, then save them. Build-in flv player

  • URL Helper

Sniff all flv and other streaming media(windows, realmedia, ...) address



What streaming video & audio website do you want to download?

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